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There are always openings for journalists and reporters at major newspapers, magazines and news organizations. However, there is a lot of competition for these coveted positions. Below is a collection of links to sites that provide journalism job listings. We have keyed most of the search results to bring up journalist jobs. You might also try using keywords like "reporter" or "news writer" in your job search.

ACES Job Bank - The American Copy Editors Society maintains a job board with current journalism job opportunities.

Career Builder - Career Builder is a general job site. They have listings for hundreds of journalism jobs.

Glassdoor - Glassdoor provides job listings for all careers. They have hundreds of journalism positions listed in the database. You can narrow the results by location, salary and more.

Google - Google will show you jobs for journalists near you with a "journalist +job" search.

Indeed - Indeed lists many journalist jobs in its database. You can narrow results by salary, location, company and more. You might also try a search for "reporter."

Linked-In - Linked-In posts many job listings for journalists. You will need to be logged-in in order to see them.

Mediabistro - Mediabistro has a news and journalism jobs section with recent job opportunities.

Monster - Monster is a general job site. This link takes you directly to the latest journalist jobs.

Neuvoo - Neuvoo is another general job listing search engine. They have many journalist job postings.

Poynter Jobs - Poynter maintains an active job board on its site with jorunalism/reporter job openings.

SimplyHired - SimplyHired is another general job site. It regularly posts new job listings for journalists and reporters.

The Write Jobs: Journalism - The latest media and journalism jobs from The Write Jobs, a Writers Write, inc. site.

Zip Recruiter - ZipRecruiter is a general job site with hundreds of journalism job listings.