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The Marshall Plan Workbook by Evan Marshall

Writer's Digest Books, March 2001.
Trade Paperback, 250 pages.
ISBN: 1582970599
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The Marshall Plan Workbook
edited by Evan Marshall The Marshall Plan Workbook helps writers prepare and complete a novel, by providing instruction and a 58-page Blueprint for developing and writing a novel. The Blueprint provides worksheets, charts, forms and templates which guide the writer through a completed novel. The Blueprint includes character fact lists, which let writers describe their characters in detail; section sheets, which help writers build the plot; and special worksheets to help writers describe their goals and story ideas. Detailed instructions for completing the Blueprint, as well as practical writing advice and tips, are also provided.

This workbook is a follow up to the popular novel writing aide, The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing by Evan Marshall, a literary agent, editor and popular mystery author. The Marshall Plan Workbook is a very powerful and practical tool for writers which acts as a guide and coach to help you through the nitty gritty of getting that novel down on paper. The workbook provides a detailed method which writers can use to help them focus, develop and finish a novel. If you are serious about completing a novel and are having some trouble either getting started, or getting finished, then this is the book for you. Highly recommended.

Novel & Short Story Writer's Market 2001 edited by Anne Bowling

Writer's Digest Books, January 2001.
Paperback, 678 pages.
ISBN: 1582970092
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Novel & Short Story Writer's Market 2001
edited by Anne Bowling This year's edition of the annual market guide for fiction writers include more markets, resources and articles than ever before. The 2001 edition includes 100 pages of articles and advice, covering business basics, epublishing and several specific genres, including romance, mystery and fantasy, science fiction and horror. The book contains over 2,000 market listings, including book publishers, literary agents and magazines (including both small circulation magazines and consumer magazines). The markets in the book are well-categorized so writers can quickly locate a book publisher or magazine publisher for a specific category or genre. Information about awards, contests, conferences and others resources are also included.

As usual, this year's edition of the Novel & Short Story Writer's Market is thoroughyly well-researched, and contains a great deal of business and market information for fiction writers. The insider reports, which highlight certain markets and include interviews with the editors, are especially informative. If you write fiction, this book provides you with a quick way to find some potential markets for your work, and keep up with new developments and markets in your genre. And that's something no serious fiction writer can do without.

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