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Addie's Knight by Ginny Reyes

Jove, May, 1999.
Paperback, 300 pages.
ISBN: 0515125067.
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Cover of Addie's Knight
by Ginny Reyes In 1885 in York, Pennsylvania, spinster Addie Shaw is helping her students recreate the Battle of Bosworth. The children get a little boisterous while playing Knights, so Addie leans back against a giant oak tree to rest. Suddenly the tree disappears, and Addie is hurled back through the past into England in 1485 -- right in the middle of a real battle, with real knights. Not believing what she is seeing, Addie unwillingly accompanies Sir Robert Swinton back to his manor. But there are more shocks in store for Addie than being transported back to medieval England -- she may be falling in love with the handsome, although somewhat irritating Sir Robert. Knowing what she does about the outcome of the Battle of Bosworth, Addie is sure that Sir Robert will die if he continues to support the present King. But Addie has a few tricks up her sleeve, and is more than a match for the stubborn Knight whose life she must save.

Addie's Knight is a time travel romance with a twist. Instead of taking a modern woman and sending her back in time, the author takes a woman from 1885 and sends her into the past, with very interesting results. Addie is a warm and caring heroine, with enough grit and courage to survive in Medieval England. Sir Robert is a passionate and entertaining hero, and the chemistry between the couple is very well-done. A true gem for lovers of time travel romance.

Highland Enchantment by Lois Geiman

Avon, April, 1999.
Paperback, 378 pages.
ISBN: 0380803666.
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Cover of Highland Enchantment
by Lois Geiman Lady Rachel of the Forbes and Liam, a lad befriended by the powerful Forbes clan, had always had a certain bond. But love was not meant to be between the nobility and fatherless Irishman in 1520 Scotland. Still neither married, athough they each had plenty of opportunities. When Rachel, a renowned healer, is on her way to assist Scotland's young king, Liam joins her travelling party, sensing that danger stalks Rachel. When Rachel finds the mysterious amulet known as Dragonheart, which each of three sisters in turn has worn, Liam knows that danger stalks them in the form of the evil wizard Warwick. Determined not to let his passions overpower him, Liam sets out to save his beloved Rachel while ignoring his true feelings for her.

This is the third installment of the Highland Brides Trilogy (See, Highland Scoundrel and The Lady and the Knight). The handsome Irish juggler/magician/wanderer Liam has appeared in all three books, but in the final installment he is the hero. As a hero, Liam is great fun and is quite attractive, as well. Rachel is the most retiring of the three highland brides in the trilogy, but she is quite courageous when she has to be. A pleasing end to an enchanting series.

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