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My Wicked Fantasy by Karen Ranney

Avon, Feb., 1998.
Paperback, 384 pages.
ISBN: 0380795817.
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Cover of My Wicked Fantasy
by Karen Ranney Until Mary Kate Bennett met Archer St. John, life had not been kind to her. Mary Kate was abandoned as a child on the side of the road, forced to survive on her own until she was old enough to marry. Married too young, widowed soon after, and left penniless with few belongings, she was determined to find the family she lost long ago.

While in pursuit of her family, a carriage accident brings Mary Kate into the care of the Earl of Sanderhurst, Archer St. John. His staff nurses her back to health, but lingering headaches and visions haunt her while whispering voices persist, trying to tell her something -- warning her to "Help Him". The Earl is desperate to find his wife, who has disappeared without a trace. Has she left him for another man or has she run away? As the two get deeper into her visions, they discover an attraction that neither of them wants but one they can't ignore.

If you like Romance Suspense books, this is the book for you. It keeps even the seasoned romance reader guessing. Ms. Ranney brings wonderfully complex characters with flaws and weaknesses together so that love can heal them both.

--Barbara Paschall Averitt

A Tough Man's Woman by Deborah Camp

Avon, Nov., 1997.
Paperback, 384 pages.
ISBN: 0380782529.
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Cover of A Tough Man's Woman
by Deborah Camp Cassie Dalton is the young, beautiful widow of the wealthy but cruel A.J. Dalton. Alone with her infant on a ranch, Cassie is vulnerable to the neighboring ranch owners who all seem determined to steal her land. Then one day, he shows up -- Drew Dalton, the son of her dead husband and his first wife -- claiming the ranch as his inheritance. Just as Cassie is about to order him off the property, he saves her from some vicious characters who seem willing to resort to violence to make her leave her home. Forced into an uneasy alliance, the beautiful and resourceful Cassie and the rugged and mysterious Drew are forced to work together to save the land they both love -- and the infant that Drew now calls his brother. As they work side by side and face the plots to discredit Drew as a cattle rustler, these two independent spirits discover a passion for each other. But they both have secrets in their pasts which could keep them apart. Can they find true love in face of all the opposition?

A Tough Man's Woman is a welcome entry in the field of historical western romances. You can feel the heat of the Texas sun and see the dust swirling by as Deborah Camp paints her portrait of the Old West. Cassie is not your usual romance heroine and the mystery of her past adds spice to the tale. An excellent tale for those who enjoy the mix of romance and the Old West.

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