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Rising Tides by Nora Roberts

Jove Books, August 1998.
Paperback, 339 pages.
ISBN: 051512317X.
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Cover of Rising Tides
by Nora Roberts Rising Tides is the second book in the Quinn Brothers trilogy set on the shore of the Chesapeke Bay which began with Sea Swept. Sea Swept dealt with the oldest brother Cameron. Rising Tides tells the story of Ethan, the quiet fisherman with a tortured soul. All three of the Quinn brothers came from terrible backgrounds and were rescued by the Quinns and then adopted into their loving home. The Quinns are dead now, and its up to Cameron, Ethan and Phillip to make a home for the lastest adoptee into the family: a young boy named Seth. The story delves into Ethan's past, his love of the sea and his long-time seemingly unrequited love for Grace, an independent single mother who has had a hard life and feels that romance is not in her future.

Rising Tides is a wonderful continuation of the story of the captivating Quinn brothers. The eldest brother Cameron was a jet-setter who lived in Europe and raced high performance boats. Ethan is totally different and so is his story. Ethan and Grace are down-to-earth small town people who would feel totally out of place in Cameron's high society circles. Their story is heartwarming, and readers can't help but be swept up into this tale of two damaged and hurt people who must find the strength in each other to heal their wounds and make a glorious future together.

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