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Body & Soul by Jennifer Archer

Lovespell, Sept., 1999.
Paperback, 363 pages.
ISBN: 0505523345.
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Body & Soul
by Jennifer Archer Thirtysomething Lisa O'Conner is an overworked, unappreciated mother and housewife. While sitting at the drive-through window at the bank, she notices a fabulous-looking 20 year old sitting in the car next to her. Wishing that she could change places with the beautiful co-ed, Lisa gets the shock of her life when she gets her wish. The other car containing her old body and her children drives off, and Lisa must figure out who's body she's inhabiting. According to her driver's license, she is Tory Beecham. Suddenly, men are hitting on her everywhere she goes. But there's a problem: she's broke and she misses her husband and kids. Can Lisa find a way to get her husband back? Or is she going to be trapped as a penniless co-ed forever, while another woman raises her beloved children?

Jennifer Archer has taken the premise of the body switch and turned it into a story which will definitely resonate with women over 40. With humor and thoughtfulness, the story explores the values that our society holds and what it really means to find your soulmate. An interesting and entertaining debut from first-time author Jennifer Archer.

Heart of the Dove by Tracy Fobes

Sonnet Books, August 1999.
Paperback, 377 pages.
ISBN: 067102468X.
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Heart of the Dove
by Tracy Fobes In 1856 England, Lucinda Drakewyck, a practitioner of magic, has had a disturbing vision -- that she will meet the man she is fated to love, but that their love will destroy them both. Some research into local history shows that an ancient witch, Morgana Fey, was buried alive by Lucinda's ancestor. Before she was buried, the witch swore revenge on both families who were involved with her death. When a strange woman named Faye turns up at the home of Lucinda's neighbor, Lord James Clairmont, after Lucinda meets the handsome son, Richard Clairmont, she knows that the curse is starting to come true. Lucinda moves into the Clairmont home as companion to the daughter, Carolly, and the two witches begin a battle of magic -- Faye casting spells of harm and illness, and Lucinda doing her best to keep the Clairmonts from harm. Meanwhile, Lucinda and Richard are fast falling in love. Will the lovers find a way to stop Faye and lift the curse that says their love will doom them forever?

Heart of the Dove is a truly enchanting tale which brims over with magic, suspense and romance. Tracy Fobes imparts a storyline of fate with a magic of her own. Lucinda, the heroine, is a strong, passionate woman who must find the strength in herself to face a terrible wrong from the past which, if not righted, will cause death and destruction for everyone she loves. Her love, Richard, is a battle-hardened but kindly man who, underneath his tough exterior, desperately needs a woman's warmth and love. The pace is quick and lively, and readers who enjoy a spot of magic with their romance will truly be enchanted. Highly Recommended.

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