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2000 Poet's Market by Chantelle Bentley

Writer's Digest Books, August, 1999.
Trade Paperback, 604 pages.
ISBN: 0898799155
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2000 Poet's Market
by Chantelle Bentley The Poet's Market is an annual guide for poets which contains listings of poetry publishers, including both paying and non-paying markets. The book includes a complete listing for each poetry market with contact information, payment information, submission instructions and tips from the editor(s). The markets are listed from A to Z; however, the book contains some valuable indexes to help readers find the poetry publications for which they are looking. These indexes allow readers to quickly find particular markets, including publications accepting email submissions, chapbook publishers, book publishers, publishers in a particular geographical location, publishers looking for a particular genre or subject and publishers that are very open to beginners. The Poet's Market also provides listings with contact details and descriptions for contests, awards, conferences, workshops and organizations of interest to poets. Features in the 2000 Poet's Market include 300 new markets for poets, the "Quick-Start Guide to Publishing Your Poetry", and new symbols including a computer symbol to represent an online or electronic market and symbols that show how open the publication is to submissions from beginners. The 2000 Poet's Market is a meticulously well-researched collection of poetry markets and advice for both amateur and professionals poets -- no poet should be without it.

The Complete Guide to Book Marketing by David Cole

Allworth Press, October, 1999.
Hardcover, 267 pages.
ISBN: 1581150288
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The Complete Guide to Book Marketing
by David Cole In today's world, writers are waking up to the fact that they must do some marketing of their own, either because they have self-published their book or they have a publisher but want to complement the publisher's promotional campaign with some additional campaigning of their own. This reference provides instruction, tips and examples of how to go about marketing your book. Authors can use a few of the ideas in the book or read the entire book and develop a complete marketing campaign for their book. Some of the marketing concepts covered in the reference include marketing at book stores, the library market, selling direct, direct-mail, Internet marketing, subsidiary rights, book publicity basics, book publicity campaigns and writing effective marketing copy. The book also provides examples of effective press releases, mailings, brochures and letters. The Complete Guide to Book Marketing is a valuable guide for authors looking to learn about effective ways to market their own books and for small publishers looking to brand and market their product line.

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