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House Styles in America by James C. Massey and Shirley Maxwell

Penguin Studio, March 1999.
Trade Paperback, 262 pages.
ISBN: 0140281126.
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House Styles in America
by James C. Massey and Shirley Maxwell House Styles of America is a picturesque guide to the architecture of American homes from the editors of the Old-House Journal. This reference covers all varieties of American house styles from early colonial times to the revival styles of the 1920s and the 1930s. Each section contains beautiful color photographs and line drawings of American homes. Home architecture covered in the book comes from several periods including: Medieval survivors, Colonial, Georgian, Greek revival, gothic revival, Italian styles, Victorian, Romanesque revival, Queen Anne, stick and shingle styles, beaux arts, bungalows, prairie style, builder style and modern styles. The text provides architectural notes, information about the specific styles and details about the specific homes to accompany each photograph. The reference also includes a glossary containing words related to home architecture. House Styles in America is an insightful visual reference that will be cherished by anyone interested in home architecture and early American homes.

Myths & Legends by Neil Philip

DK Publishing, April 1999.
Paperback, 128 pages.
ISBN: 0789441179.
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Myths & Legends
by Neil Philip Myths & Legends is a colorful coffee-table sized guide to the Gods, heroes and creatures from ancient cultures. The book provides fabulous full-color artwork, drawings and photographs to illustrate the myths from ancient civilizations from all over the world including: Egypt, Sumeria, Greece, Rome, Northern Europe, Celtic Myths, Africa, the Caribbean, North America, Australia, India, China and Japan. The book focuses on specific myths such as those about King Midas, Perseus and Andromeda and the Holy Grail and provides text and illustrations to accompany each myth. The text explains the myth, its origin and unique aspects of each myth and how they are related to the culture's beliefs and lifestyle.

Myths & Legends is a fascinating journey through world mythology, with stunning images and well-written text. Valuable both as a mythology reference and as a coffee-table display.

Run Away From Fat by Dave Kuehls

Perigee, April 1999.
Paperback, 190 pages.
ISBN: 0399524851.
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Run Away From Fat
by Dave Kuehls Run Away From Fat is a weight loss program that focuses on running as the major source of calorie reduction. The book takes the reader through each day of the 90 day program, with a small chapter devoted to each day. Each "day" in the book provides the number of minutes to run that day, inspirational stories, advice on running, health and food tips and a log where readers can log in how they did that day. The program helps people work their way up to thirty to forty minute runs by stepping up the minutes slightly each week. Early runs in the book are only in the ten to fifteen minute range.

Run Away From Fat is an excellent program for losing weight based on running, which is a time-tested exercise for burning fat. The text includes inspirational and health tips throughout to keep you motivated as you run your way to a better physique.

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