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Lord Krishna's Cuisine: The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking by Yamuna Devi

Dutton, May 1999.
Hardcover, 799 pages.
ISBN: 0525245642.
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Lord Krishna's Cuisine : The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking
by Yamuna Devi Indian vegetarian cooking is brought to your kitchen in this well-researched cookbook featuring over 500 recipes. Each recipe has been carefully adapted to American kitchens so that the ingredients will be available at local grocery stores. Author Yumani Devi, who won the IACP cookbook of the year award for her first book, Lord Krishna's Cuisine, includes interesting anecdotes and personal experiences from her travels in India. Recipes in the book cover appetizers, soups, salads, breads, rice, light meals, beverages and sweets. The recipe listings include cooking instruction, ingredients, and serving tips. Some recipes are also enhanced with information about the recipe's origin and original illustrations. Highlights of some of the recipes from the cookbook include: rice and cauliflower pilaf, mung dal soup, griddle-baked sourdough bread, spicy okra with coconut, eggplant fritters, stuffed okra, ghee, panir cheese, steamed split-pea dumplings, pan-fried chenna cheese patties with poppy seeds, crisp lotus root salad, fresh coconut and mint chutney, hot green chili sauce, spicy guava jam, pakoras (vegetable fritters), kachori, zucchini kofta, herbed potato patties, simply wonderfuls, pistachio milk fudge, lemon-lime cheese fudge, rich rice pudding, broiled bananas with toasted almonds, gingered watermelon cooler, papaya yogurt shake, five-nectar milk bowl and spiced apple cider cup. A valuable section entitled "A-Z general information" acts as an encyclopedia of Indian food, cooking techniques and cooking tools. The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking is a detailed and appealing guide to cooking Indian vegetarian food. Highly recommended for lovers of Indian cooking.

A People's History of the Supreme Court by Peter Irons

Viking, September 1999.
Hardcover, 542 pages.
ISBN: 0670870064.
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A People's History of the Supreme Court
by Peter Irons This historical reference recounts selected Supreme Court cases from 1787 to the present. In the retelling of the cases the book brings to life the people involved including the Supreme Court justices, the lawyers and the ordinary people involved, some of whom became well-known names such as Dred Scott, Homer Plessy, Lillian Gobitas, Harry Briggs, Norma McCovey and Michael Hardwick. The cases also illustrate the complex social and political issues at stake, including issues of race and religion. Also included in the book is the text of the United States Constitution, a list of all the Justices of the Supreme Court with their positions, appointing president and years of service and suggested sources for further reading. Peter Irons, a lawyer, historian and member of the Supreme Court Bar, has done an excellent job of reviving these great historical decisions and capturing the emotional and political landscape of each case. History buffs will enjoy A People's History of the Supreme Court, as will others interested in the history of our nation's highest court.

The Van Halen Encyclopedia by C.J. Chilvers

Malpractice Publishing, 1999.
Hardcover, 318 pages.
ISBN: 0966753909.
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The Van Halen Encyclopedia
by C.J. Chilvers Van Halen fans will cherish this encyclopedia of Van Halen's music and history. The book begins with a list of Van Halen albums, plus albums by related bands and solo-acts including: David Lee Roth, Sammy Hagar, Extreme and others. The next section is a comprehensive timeline of significant Van Halen events and happenings. The main part of the book is the A-Z encyclopedia section which provides information about song titles, tours, nick names, love interests, music teachers, tattoists, and anything or anyone else having to do with Van Halen. The final section in the book provides listings for all of the bands live tours, including dates, locations, opening acts and live recordings. The Van Halen Encyclopedia contains a plethora of Van Halen statistics, timelines and information. Great for Van Halen fans and music buffs.

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