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Sips of Blood by Mary Ann Mitchell

Leisure Books, July 1999.
Paperback, 368 pages.
ISBN: 0843945559.
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Cover of Sips of Blood
by Mary Ann Mitchell The infamous Marquis de Sade is alive and well in modern-day America. Well, perhaps alive is not quite the right word since the Marquis is a vampire. He and his mother-in-law, Marie Masson, continue their existence in modern times, having adapted quite well to the modern world. Both are devotees of sado-masochism, and are always on the lookout for new converts. Marie plies her trade from a remote home, where wealthy industrialists with a kinky bent spend time in her dungeon for a very high price. Known as the Maitresse, she feeds on her clients while satisfying their own twisted fantasies. Meanwhile, the Marquis indulges his predilection for very young girls. But when the Marquis falls for a young relative and the Maitresse falls for her neighbor's son, things begin to get complicated. Full of S & M, bondage, torture and some really nasty vampires, this one will be a delight for horror fans who like it sexy and gruesome at the same time -- everyone else should steer clear.

The Star Trek Encyclopedia by Carol Heller

Pocket Books, Oct., 1999.
Trade paperback, 745 pages.
ISBN: 0671536095.
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Cover of The Star Trek Encyclopedia
by Carol Heller The Star Trek Encyclopedia is a collection of information and facts about the Star Trek Universe based on the movies and hit TV series, including Star Trek, Deep Space 9 and Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Voyager. The book includes an A-Z listing of every planet, world, character, space vehicle, species and the technology found in Star Trek along with descriptions, color photographs, drawings, charts and other statistics. Boldfaced words indicate terms which have listings elsewhere in the encyclopedia, which allows for quick cross-referencing. The appendix includes additional features including a picturesque guide to federation starships and non-federation ships, a timeline of historical events in the Star Trek Universe, writer/director credits, a cast list and a list of production personnel and contractors who have received on-screen credit for work in Star Trek episodes or feature films. The Star Trek Encyclopedia is a comprehensive reference for lovers of Star Trek television and movies beginning with Gene Roddenberry's first show to hit the airwaves in 1966 to the current Star Trek: Voyager series. An awesome work that will be a must-own for all trekkies.

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