Editorial December 1997

Welcome to the December issue!

We are very proud of this, our last issue of 1997. The IWJ continues its rapid expansion. Our book review section is off to a great start with 24 reviews this month, in all genres. We especially welcome our two new romance reviewers, Barbara Paschall Averitt and Camille P. Potts, who will share their picks of the latest releases in romance fiction. We also will continue with our specialty of writing book reviews, bringing you the latest releases in that field. Look for the book review section to continue its steady expansion in 1998, while maintaining the depth and quality of the reviews.

We are also pleased to announce that British crime novelist Alex Keegan, author of the popular "Caz" Flood detective series, has joined us as a regular columnist. This month, Alex teaches how to open that novel or short story in a way that will intrigue and entertain your readers. Look for more teaching articles from Alex in the future.

This month's interviews include a discussion with Lou Aronica, the Senior Vice-President and Publisher of Avon Books, about the launch of Avon's exciting new science fiction and fantasy imprint Eos. Be sure to see what he has to say about the kind of writers Eos wants on its team. We also chatted with fantasy, horror and science fiction author Lawrence Watt-Evans about what it takes to make it as an author in those genres and about his exciting new book, Touched by the Gods. You also won't want to miss our talk with Martyn Williams, the Newsbytes News Network Tokyo News Bureau Chief. Martyn is a technology wizard and his discussion of the best new consumer products that will be coming our way soon in stores is most enlightening.

Our January issue will mark our six month anniversary for The IWJ. We want to thank all of you who have helped make us a success. We appreciate your readership, and are committed to continuing to bring you entertaining and useful content in 1998.

Best Wishes for A Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!!

Claire E. White

Gregory A. Knollenberg
President, Writers Write, Inc.

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