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Teach Yourself Java 1.2 in 21 Days by Laura Lemay & Rogers Cadenhead

New Riders, Feb., 1998.
Trade Paperback, 1088 pages.
ISBN: 1575213907
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Teach Yourself Java 1.2 in 21 Days
by Laura Lemay & Rogers Cadenhead Teach Yourself Java 1.2 instructs the reader on the basics of Java programming. The book provides an introduction to object oriented programming, explains how Java works and teaches the main concepts of the language. The book covers numerous Java fundamentals including: applets, Java Foundation Classes, JavaBeans, Remote Method Invocation, AWT, Multimedia, Designing User Interfaces and more. Also included in the book are a Java Language summary, a Java Class Library and a thorough Java resources section. The easy to follow instruction in the book includes examples and source code.

Beginners will learn the basic concepts and how to use those concepts to write Java applets and applications from this book. An excellent introduction to Java programming for those with some programming experience in other languages.

Visual Basic 5 Unleashed by Rob Thayer

Sams, May 1998.
Hardcover, 1190 pages.
ISBN: 0672312972
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Cover of Visual Basic 5 Unleashed
by by Rob Thayer This comprehensive tome on Visual Basic is packed with instruction, source code and informative examples. The book covers basic and advanced Visual Basic programming concepts including Crystal Reports, Microsoft Visual Data Tools, MAPI, OLE drag-and-drop, data structures, sorting, encryption, the template manager, creating databases and more. An information packed reference section in the book includes: command and control syntax, variable types, third party controls, online resources and VB5 certification requirements. The CD-ROM that comes with the book includes source code, third party software and additional chapters. Visual Basic 5 Unleashed provides the instruction needed to program in Visual Basic and also acts as a valuable reference because of its extensive reference section. This is a resource that no Visual Basic programmer should be without.

Web Designer's Guide to Graphics PNG, GIF & JPEG by Timothy Webster

Hayden Books, June 1997.
Trade Paperback, 361 pages.
ISBN: 1568303637
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Cover of Web Designer's Guide to Graphics PNG, GIF & JPEG
by Timothy Webster Web Developers looking to improve their graphic skills won't want to miss this valuable book on creating web graphics. The book provides step by step procedures to creating PNG, GIF & JPEG Graphics, which are graphic formats used for the Internet. The book also covers basic graphic principles crucial to web graphics including: anti-aliasing, bit depth, palettes, compression and interlacing. Instruction in the book is enhanced with examples, screenshots and creative tips. The book also introduces the PNG format with details on the advantages of using PNG graphics and how to use them effectively. The CD-ROM included with the book contains the graphic files shown in the book and includes third party graphic utilities. A great resource for using graphics on your website with practical concepts that can quickly be put to use.

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