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deconstructing web graphics.2 by Lynda Weinman and Jon Warren Lentz

New Riders, June 1998.
Trade Paperback, 229 pages.
ISBN: 1562058592
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Cover of deconstructing web graphics.2
by Lynda Weinman and Jon Warren Lentz Web designers will find the case studies in this design aide very informative. The book provides case studies of web designs with graphics for various high profile websites. In doing so the book reveals how numerous design problems are solved through examples, text and screenshots. Some of the case studies in the book include: Bosch Power Tools (design includes JavaScript rollovers, 3D animated GIFs and imagemaps), National Geographic (design includes incorporation of complex photography into the website and real audio) and Akimbo Design (design includes Flash and DHTML). Additional material is provided in the case studies to provide instruction on web design topics such as: JavaScript rollovers, animated GIF design, storyboarding, tables, frames, Macromedia Flash and CSS.

deconstructing web graphics.2 is valuable reading because of the real world examples of web design, which show implementation of web development principles. A good reference for the serious web designer.

Inside Adobe Photoshop 5 by Gary David Bouton & Barbara Bouton

New Riders, July 1998.
Trade Paperback, 742 pages.
ISBN: 1562058843
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Cover of Inside Adobe Photoshop 5
by Gary David Bouton & Barbara Bouton This comprehensive guide helps users learn how to get the most out of Adobe Photoshop 5, one of the most widely used graphic design tools available. The book begins with instruction on graphic design concepts and familiarizes the reader with the Photoshop software. The rest of the book deals with Photoshop principles and instruction on how to use the software effectively. Instruction is enhanced with numerous examples, step by step outlines and screenshots. Coverage in the book includes: using stock images, retouching photographs, color modes, perfecting images, resizing, filters, web graphics, animations, restoring old photographs and special effects. The accompanying CD-ROM includes a comprehensive Photoshop glossary, 100 Megabytes of textures, fonts and images and third party software.

The easy to follow step by step instruction highlight this comprehensive aide to Photoshop 5. Inside Adobe Photoshop 5 is an invaluable reference book that no Photoshop owner will want to be without.

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