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Special Edition Using Microsoft Office 2000 by Ed Bott and Woody Leonhard.

Que, May 1999.
Trade Paperback, 1473 pages.
ISBN: 0789718421
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Special Edition Using Microsoft Office 2000
by Ed Bott and Woody Leonhard This comprehensive reference guide provides instruction on Microsoft Office 2000 applications including Word, Excel, Access, FrontPage, Outlook, Power Point and Microsoft Publisher. The reference begins with an introduction to Office 2000 and coverage of basic concepts including setting up Office, file management, text editing, formatting, creating graphics, using Office with the Web and sharing data and files between Microsoft Office applications. The next sections cover the individual Office applications and provide in-depth coverage for each publishing tool including: essentials for each application, tables, styles, templates, merging data, formulas, functions, lists, databases, graphs, charts, graphics, presentations, queries, developing websites and creating advanced webpages. Additional chapters provide instruction on using macros and VBA tools. Instruction in the book is enhanced with valuable tips from the authors, step by step outlines, Office secrets, warnings, troubleshooting and screenshots for a more effective learning experience. A CD-ROM which comes with the reference book includes WOPR 2000 (an add-in with Office 2000 tools and upgrades), chapters from other Office 2000 books and third party software. Special Edition Using Microsoft Office 2000 is a valuable compendium for users of Office 2000.

Unix Hints and Hacks by Kirk Waingrow

Que, May 1999.
Trade Paperback, 479 pages.
ISBN: 0789719274
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Unix Hints and Hacks
by Kirk Waingrow Unix Hints and Hacks provides solutions to a wide variety of Unix problems and situations. The book also includes a special section on job hunting for Unix administrators. Coverage of Unix topics in the book includes: administration basics, networking, security, system monitoring, account management, file management, displays, emulation, editors and users. The book is structured as a collection of hints and hacks, each with examples and explanations. Each section begins with a brief 1-2 line description of the hint or hack such as "1.9 Redirecting Output to Null", a description of the problem, examples with Unix code, the rationale behind the hint or hack, an anecdote from a real world experience and information about other resources related to the hint or hack including website URLs. This format allows experts to pinpoint the exact solution and novices to investigate deeper into the subject when needed. The reference is aimed at those who have had at least some Unix experience. In addition to the hints and hacks, the reference contains career advice for Unix administrators including information about how to find a job, resume writing tips and interviewing skills. Unix Hints and Hacks was compiled by Kirk Waingrow who runs the Unix Guru Universe, the largest Unix resource online. The book provides a valuable collection of advice and troubleshooting concepts, and is an excellent tool for Unix professionals.

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