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Linux in 24 Hours by Bill Ball

Sams, May 1999.
Trade Paperback, 380 pages.
ISBN: 0672311623
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Linux in 24 Hours
by Bill Ball Linux is becoming a popular operating system choice for those tired of the Microsoft Windows platform. This reference, which acts as an introduction to Linux, explains the many uses of Linux and provides instruction on how to install and use the operating system. The book is divided into 24 chapters (called sessions in the book) which should take the reader about an hour each to work through. Linux topics covered in the book include: installing Linux, configuring the X Window system, reading and navigation commands, searching commands, shell, communications, internet connections, email, downloading, browsing, text processing, documents, graphics tools, math tools, Linux games, handling files, archiving and scheduling. In addition to instruction, the book also includes tips and tricks and identifies problems and hurdles that Linux users should be aware of. A CD-ROM in the book includes Red Hat Linux 5.0, a popular version of Linux. Linux utility tools and productivity tools, including word processors, calendars and graphics programs, are also included on the CD-ROM. Linux in 24 Hours is a useful start-up tool for beginning Linux users with practical advice and quick reference information.

Special Edition Using Microsoft Frontpage 2000 by Neil Randall and Dennis Jones

Que, May 1999.
Trade Paperback, 1212 pages.
ISBN: 078971910X
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Special Edition Using Microsoft Frontpage 2000
by Neil Randall and Dennis Jones This in-depth guide to FrontPage 2000 provides over 1,000 pages of instruction on every aspect of the powerful web publishing software. The FrontPage tool includes guidance and instruction on developing a complex website, as well as information on specific web publishing tasks. The reference is aimed at FrontPage developers with some prior experience. Coverage in the book includes: basics, Microsoft Themes, tables, frames, forms, templates, styles sheets, creating a Web, wizards, collaborative authoring environments, Office 2000, dynamic webpages, JavaScript, color concepts, web graphics, web hosting, databases and using events. Some highlights in the reference include a full-color section illustrating the different Microsoft Themes, detailed instruction and screenshots showing how to creating web graphics and animations with FrontPage tools, and a valuable section on creating databases with FrontPage 2000. An appendix in the book contains a directory of FrontPage web resources and a section on using Word 97's web tools. The enclosed CD-ROM includes additional FrontPage themes, web graphics, third-party FrontPage add-ons and web development tools. Special Edition Using Microsoft FrontPage 2000 is a must-have reference for any web developer using FrontPage 2000.

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