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Dynamic Web Publishing 2nd Ed. by Shelly Powers, Dec., 1997.
Trade Paperback, 844 pages.
ISBN: 157521363X
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Cover of Dynamic Web Publishing
by Shelly Powers Dynamic Web Publishing provides instruction on implementing common web technologies used today including HTML, JavaScript, Java, CGI and Style Sheets. Chapters in the book include coverage of topics such as tables, formatting text, advanced layout and positing with Style Sheets, frames, multimedia plug-ins for HTML, client-side imagemaps, creating forms with HTML, Javascript, applet programming, Java and CGI. The book also includes advanced sections on Cold Fusion, Cookies, Active X controls and XML. The companion website contains extra chapters on VRML, push technologies and the future of web publishing. The website also contains the source code from the book and descriptions and costs of web publishing tools and software.

Dynamic Web Publishing is an excellent web publishing tool packed with source code and instruction on a wide variety of subjects. This practical reference book is useful as both a learning tool and as an in-depth guide to publishing technology available today.

HTML 4 Interactive Course by Kent Cearley

Waite Group Press, Dec., 1997.
Trade Paperback, 563 pages.
ISBN: 1571691308
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Cover of HTML 4 Interactive Course
by Kent Cearley Years of administrating education in schools and universities has shown that one of the most important ways to increase your learning from a course is through examination. Waite Group Press has been taking advantage of this with their web-based learning center, the eZone, which compliments its web programming how-to books. The eZone provides interactive quizzes and exams that test your knowledge after each section of the book. The book itself is a thorough guide to programming in HTML 4, with additional instruction on CGI programming, JavaScript, VBscript and ActiveX. The included CD-ROM contains source codes, images, sounds and third-party software.

HTML 4 Interactive Course provides everything you need to learn HTML. Beginners will love the eZone where they can obtain help, test themselves to increase their learning intake and chat with other eZone users. An excellent self-instruction tool for beginning HTML programmers.

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