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Bunny (Fold Out Floor Books) Photography by Steve Shott, Illustrations by Pierre Caillou

DK Publishing, 1999.
Board Book
Reading Level: Baby-Preschool
ISBN 0789443104.
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Bunny (Fold Out Floor Books)
Photography by Steve Shott, Illustrations by Pierre Caillou As the child unfolds this book, he will learn a new word related to rabbits on each page. This book unfolds in a definite sequence so that when the child has finished turning all the pages, there is the reward of having a large floor sized poster. As the child unfolds the book page by page, a question is asked , and the next page answers with a simple sentence which also builds vocabulary. Children naturally love soft, furry, non-threatening animals with which they can feel safe. This book can be read first with an adult, but soon the child will enjoy the book with another child or alone. Charming pictures and a unique layout are sure to make this one a favorite.

--Sarah Reaves White

Panda Big and Panda Small by Jane Cabrera

DK Publishing, April, 1999.
Picture Book, 24 pages
Reading Level: Baby-Preschool
ISBN: 0789434857.
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Panda Big and Panda Small
by Jane Cabrera Panda Big likes one thing and Panda Small likes the opposite. As you read through this colorful book with a toddler, antonyms are presented through illustrations that also show some of the characteristics of this lovable creature. Many of the differences between Panda big and Panda Small are differences a child encounters between children and adults. Illustrations are painted with bold brush strokes, and the black and white pandas show up brightly against the deep, intense colors used as background. Then at the end of the story, it is discovered that although Panda Big and Panda Small enjoy opposite things, they really are happiest when they are together. An added enjoyment for a young reader is that the story is written in rhyme. A small picture on the inside of the cover informs us that the panda is also an endangered species, which is another reason to cherish these lovable creatures. This happy book is excellent for promoting positive feelings while building essential vocabulary.

--Sarah Reaves White

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