Paying Religious Markets

Here is the list of paying religious markets. For more options return to the Submissions Guidelines homepage.

Alive Now
Alive Now is a devotional magazine that supports the spiritual lives of small groups as well as individuals. It ceased publication in 2017. It was a four-color, 48-page publication. The publication "spoke to the opportunities and challenges of following Christ in the modern world."

Angels on Earth
Angels on Earth publishes true stories about God's messengers at work in today's world. We are interested in stories of heavenly angels and stories involving humans who have played angelic roles in daily life.

Bible Advocate
The Bible Advocate is one of the oldest religious magazines in America, founded in 1863.

Campus Life Magazine
Campus Life is a magazine with the purpose of helping teenagers navigate adolescence with their faith intact. Campus Life readers are both male and female and most are in high school or early college.

Catholic Digest
Emphasizing Catholic family life, but also for people of all faiths, Catholic Digest offers spiritual, how-to advice for daily living.

Celebrations is a series of 35 books that will feature letters celebrating loved ones written by people of all ages from around the US

Christian Families Online
An online magazine that strives to encourage Christian families as they face today’s challenges. Its voice is one of moderate conservatism, and its articles have a foundation in biblical principles.

Christian Home & School
Christian Home & School is published by Christian Schools International for parents who send their children to Christian schools. The magazine aims to promote Christian education and to address a wide range of parenting topics.

Christian Science Monitor
International, general-interest daily newspaper published as a public service of the Christian Science Church. Pulitzer-Prize winning; est. 1908.

ChristianWeek is a bi-weekly, national, trans-denominational newspaper, written from an evangelical perspective, covering events and issues of interest and concern to the Canadian church.

Creation Care magazine
The EEN and its magazine intend to reach a multi-denominational Christ-centered constituency with a message that is thoroughly Christian and firmly rooted in Biblical teaching.

Decision Magazine
Decision is published by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and includes evangelistic articles that tell readers about Jesus Christ and articles that help Christians grow in their faith.

Devo'Zine is a magazine written by youth and youth leaders for youth.

Dreams & Visions
Dreams & Visions was founded in 1988 to provide an international showcase for short literary fiction written from a Christian perspective.

Envoy Magazine
Envoy magazine is a bimonthly journal of Catholic apologetics and evangelization.

God Allows U-Turns
Christian inspirational book series. Each book in the series will contain approximately one hundred uplifting, encouraging and inspirational true short stories written by contributors from all over the world.

Good News
Good News is a voice of evangelical Christianity within the United Methodist Church.

HopeKeepers Magazine
Christian magazine for those who live with chronic illness or pain, wide variety of articles, topical articles especially needed, some devotional, secular content that will assist the reader welcome. Read guidelines and sample copy first.

Journal of Christian Nursing
The Journal of Christian Nursing strives to help Christian nurses view nursing practice through the eyes of faith.

Just Between Us
Just Between Us is a quarterly magazine for ministry wives, youth workers, missionaries, Christian educators, seminary students, social workers, Sunday school teachers and leaders in parachurch organizations.

Life@Work Journal
The primary goal of The Life@Work Co.(R) is to explore and promote the integration of faith and work.

Lutheran Woman Today
Lutheran Woman Today, circulation 230,000, is a magazine designed for all women in the church. Published 11 times a year, LWT is developed by the Women of the ELCA (Chicago, Illinois) and published by Augsburg Fortress (Minneapolis, Minnesota).

Other Side, The
An independent ecumenical magazine that seeks to advance a broad Christian vision that's biblical and compassionate, appreciative of the creative arts, and committed to the intimate intertwining of personal spirituality and social transformation.

Our Little Friend
A spiritually-oriented magazine written for children and given each week to the children who attend Sabbath School at a Seventh-day Adventist Church. Published since 1980.

Pacific Press
Pacific Press is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church and is the publisher of books, magazines, and Christian- education literature. Established in 1874, Pacific Press is now located in Nampa, Idaho.

Pakn Treger
Pakn Treger publishes original work of high quality that explores aspects of modern Jewish experience and sensibility.

Plain Truth, The
The goal of The Plain Truth is to inform, inspire and encourage. PT offers biblical solutions to real life problems.

Designed for 6- to 12-year-olds, Pockets magazine offers wholesome devotional readings that teach about God's love and presence in life.

Preaching Magazine
Preaching magazine is a bimonthly periodical designed to encourage and enhance the ministry of those called to preach the Word. As a professional journal, Preaching is written almost entirely by those who share a calling to the ministry of preaching

Primary Treasure
A spiritually-oriented magazine written for children and given each week to the children who attend Sabbath School at a Seventh-day Adventist Church. Published since 1957.