Paying Entertainment Markets

Here is the list of paying entertainment markets. For more options return to the Submissions Guidelines homepage.

Cineaste is a quarterly magazine (founded in 1967) which offers a social, political and esthetic perspective on the cinema.

Dance Teacher Now
Dance Teacher Now is the only magazine exclusively for and about dance education founded in 1979.

Dramatics Magazine
Dramatics is an educational theatre magazine published since 1929 by the International Thespian Society, a non-profit honorary organization dedicated to the advancement of secondary school theatre.

FilmFax Magazine
Filmfax Magazine is a bi-monthly, nationally distributed publication. The entertainment media we cover includes radio, television, and film, both live action and animated, produced from the late 1920s up to and including the mid 1970s.

Innercity is an urban entertainment magazine that people can hear on the radio and can read at home.

National Enquirer -- Tips
A weekly tabloid seeking celebrity news stories and tips.

Parade Magazine
Each Sunday, Parade Magazine's articles and columns educate, entertain and empower readers across the United States.

Soap Opera Digest
A digest-sized magazine covering soap operas aired on network television, focusing on synopses of episodes.

Stage Directions
Stage Directions, founded in 1988, is a national publication whose readers are active in all aspects of regional, community, academic or youth theater.