Writers' Groups

Writers' groups can be very useful to writers. They can provide quality feedback, which is something that can sometimes be difficult for writers. Writers can also provide motivation as other writers can encourage you to keep writing and finally finish that novel or short story. You might also meet writers more experienced than you and acquire contacts you could not obtain without the group.

Mystery author Dianne Day told us a writers group encouraged her to publish a novel, which eventually led to her finding an agent.

A downside to writers' groups is that a bad writers' group can be unproductive, unwelcoming to newbies and a waste of your time. You need to make sure you surround yourself with constructive writers in a positive group. If you are a beginning writer then you want a group that welcomes beginners and new members. Some of the best writing groups are local where people can meet in person but the Internet and related technologies have made it possible for a writers group to consist of people from all over the world.

Author Holly Lisle has a great article here where she recommends joining a writers' group and explains how to choose one. She provides several rules that help you find the best ones.

We have an article here discussing whether writing groups are worth your time and money. We also asked our readers about writing critique groups. You can find out what they had to say here.

You can find a list of writer's groups and writing group resources here

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