Book Promotion Resources

The following is a collection of book promotion resources to help you promote your book. Click here to return to the Book Promotion homepage.

  • Book Distributors - companies that distribute books to booksellers

  • Book Fairs and Literary Events Directories - directories where you can find lists of events where you might be able to network and promote your book

  • Book Promotion Articles and Features on - a list of our helpful articles, interviews and features

  • Book Promotion Articles and Tips from Around the Web - more helpful articles about book promotion and publicity

  • Bookseller Directories and Lists - a list of booksellers and bookstores

  • General Book Promotion Resources - a list of more book promotion resources for authors.

  • Library Directories and Lists - getting your book in a library can get you more readers

  • Literary Events Calendar - our list of upcoming literary events including book fairs and book festivals

  • Media Directories and Lists - find media contacts

  • Reviewer Directories and Lists - find book reviewers or book review sources that might be interested in reviewing your book. Reviews can lead to book sales.

  • Writing Links - links to more writing resources.