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Links to Producers' Websites
Below are links to television and movie producers' websites. At these sites you can obtain more information about the company, such as contact information and what types of movies that company produces. Be sure to obtain guidelines before submitting, because many producers will not accept unsolicited queries and/or scripts.

ABC Entertainment
Alchemy Films & Multimedia
All American Communications, Inc.
Allegro Films
Alliance Communications Corporation
A.M. Productions
American Zoetrope
Anasazi Productions
Animal Planet
Atchity Editorial / Entertainment International, Inc.
Atlas Film International
Avenue Entertainment Group, Inc.
Blue Rider Pictures
Bonneville International Corporation
Cartoon Network
Castle Rock Entertainment
CBS Worldwide Inc.
Cecchi Goro Group
Centropolis Entertainment
Cinergi Pictures Entertainment Inc.
Cinepix Film Properties
Comedy Central
CyberStudios, Inc.
Dimension Films
Discovery Communications, Inc.
DreamWorks SKG
Endomel Entertainment
Epiphany Productions, Inc.
Everest Entertainment, Inc.
Family Channel
First Line Features
Forty Acres and a Mule
Full Moon Pictures
Green Communications, Inc.
Hallmark Hall of Fame
Hearst Corporation
HBO Pictures
J&M Entertainment
Jim Henson Pictures
Kingman Films International
Kushner-Locke Company
Landmark Entertainment Group
Merchant Ivory
Metro Goldwyn Mayer
Miramax Films
Morrow-Heus Productions
Movie Reps International
MTV: Music Television
New Line Cinema
New Regency
Orion Pictures
Paramount Pictures
Persistent Pictures
PolyGram Pictures
Pressman Films
Redwood Communications
Rysher Entertainment
Shoreline Entertainment
Showcase Entertainment
Sony Pictures
Studio Merrywood
Sundance Channel
Theatre Channel
Trimark Pictures
Universal Studios
Viacom, Inc.
Vine International Pictures, Ltd.
Warner Brothers
The WB

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