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Here are the latest posts about Huffington Post on Writers Write:

  • Huffington Post Launches Digital Magazine Called Huffington (2012-07-07): The Huffington Post website has launched a digital magazine for the iPad, called Huffington.

  • The Huffington Yaolhoost? AOL and Yahoo Discussing Merger Deal (2011-09-09): Bloomberg is reporting that AOL and Yahoo are in talks for a possible merger following Yahoo's firing for its CEO Carol Bartz.

  • MailOnline Passes Huffington Post in Traffic (2011-04-19): MediaWeek reports that new data from ComScore indicates the the MailOnline.

  • Tina Brown Launches The Daily Beast (2008-10-07): Former Vanity Fair and The New Yorker editor Tina Brown has launched her long-planned website called The Daily Beast.

  • General Manager to Become Huffington Post's CEO (2007-10-02): The New York Times is reporting that Betsy Morgan is leaving her job as the general manager of CBSNews.

  • Huffington Post Debuts HuffIt Memedigger (2007-01-28): The Huffington Post has added a memedigger feature to its website called HuffIt.

  • Huffington Post Hiring Reporters (2006-11-30): The Huffington Post has hired Melinda Henneberger, a former Newsweek reporter, and plans to hire additional journalists according to a New York Times article.

  • George Clooney Says Arianna Huffington Threatened Him (2006-03-16): Yesterday, George Clooney said in a statement that he did not write the blog post that the Huffington Post posted on Monday.

  • The Huffington Post Launches (2005-05-09): The Huffington Post blog and webzine has launched.

  • Arianna Huffington Developing Blog Featuring Celebs and Media Insiders (2005-04-04): Ariana Huffington is developing a blog that will feature celebrities, media insiders and more. It will cover culture and politics.