Bestselling Books

Welcome to the bestselling books section of Writers Write Books! Here you will find information about the major bestseller lists and more.

Amazon Best Sellers
A list of the bestselling books on based on sales.

Amazon Charts
The top 20 most sold and more read books of the week on

Coming Soon Books
Our list of the hottest upcoming books that will soon be arriving on store shelves and are likely to hit the bestseller lists.

A Twitter account tracking the bestselling books, Blu-ray films, hot toys and more.

Los Angeles Times Bestsellers
The Los Angeles Times provides weekly bestseller lists in hardcover fiction and hardcover nonfiction as well as paperback lists.

National Indie Bestsellers
This bestseller list shows what books are selling in indie bookstores nationwide.

New York Times Best Sellers
The New York Times has the best known bestseller lists. The site features lists for hardcover fiction, ebooks, paperback, children's and more.

New York Times Best Sellers on Amazon
Amazon has the Times bestsellers lists in trade paperback, nonfiction, advice, young adult and children's categories.

Publishers Weekly Bestseller Lists
Publisher's Weekly has bestselling book information in multiple categories using data from Nielsen. Here you will find some genre categories including romance, mystery, fantasy and science fiction.

USA Today Bestselling Books
USA Today ranks the 150 top selling books each week. The data comes from U.S. booksellers.