Words You Thought You Knew...

by Jenna Glatzer

Adams Media, December, 2003.
Paperback, 310 pages.
ISBN: 1580629415

Words You Thought You Knew... by Jenna Glatzer Do you know the difference between sensual and sensuous? Do you ever misuse words like sit and set? Nothing makes a worse impression in a resume, article or term paper than incorrect word usage. This handy small-sized book from Jenna Glatzer offers definitions and examples of usage for 1001 words that are often misunderstood or misused. Words like misnomer, rebut/refute, sycophantic and phrases like "begs the question" and je ne sais quoi are explained through examples and definitions. This helpful book allows writers to quickly look up words or phrases unclear to them or peruse the book to find words and phrases that might come in handy in a manuscript. There's even a quiz at the back of the book to help you check your word prowess. This book would make a terrific gift for any writer or student.

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This review was published in the January-February, 2004 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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