The Zope Book

by Amos Latteier and Michel Pelletier

New Riders, July, 2001.
Trade Paperback, 360 pages.
ISBN: 0735711372

The Zope Book by Amos Latteier and Michel Pelletier Zope is a web application server which allows users to build websites, webpages, applications, databases and more. Zope is building a cult following of die-hard users on the Web. This book provides an introduction to Zope, as well as comprehensive coverage of how to use and develop applications with Zope. The book is written by Zope experts Amos Latteier and Michel Pelletier, who both have worked on developing software for Zope Corporation. The first section in the book introduces Zope and covers Zope basics, including concepts, objects, DTML (Zope's scripting language) and starting Zope applications. The second section provides more in-depth coverage of building web applications, with chapters on security, DTML, Python scripting, Perl scripting, using Zope's built in search engine and building Zope databases. The final chapters in the book cover advanced topics, including Zope Enterprise Object and extending Zope by creating Zclasses. The Zope Book provides solid coverage of Zope for all levels of Zope users.

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This review was published in the September, 2001 of The Internet Writing Journal.

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