The Writer's Handbook 2005

by Elfrieda Abbe

The Writer Books, August, 2004.
Trade paperback, 1003 pages.
ISBN: 0871162121

The Writer's Handbook 2005 by Elfrieda Abbe The popular Writer's Handbook offers concise listings for thousands of markets, making it easy for writers to quickly research markets for their work. Edited by Elfrieda Abbe, who is also the editor for The Writer magazine, the Writer's Handbook is updated each year with new market listings, articles, interviews and information for all kinds of writers. Listings for agents, contests, conferences and workshops are also provided. This year's edition also includes a reference section with information about copyrights, contract basics, top books for writers and writing-related websites. Writers will get a lot of mileage out of this fast, informative and well-organized writer's aid.

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