The Witch Queen

by Jan Siegel

Del Ray, August, 2002.
Hardcover, 352 pages.
ISBN: 0345439031

The Witch Queen by Jan Siegel After the exploits described in Prospero's Children and The Dragon Charmer, Fernanda Capel, the beautiful young witch, is finally all grown up. She has accepted her Gift and that she must use it to fight evil. And she will need all of her powers very soon. Morgus, the evil sorceress who Fern thought she had defeated, turns out not to be dead at all. Morgus is back in England and is determined to destroy Fern and everyone she loves. But things are even more complicated and dangerous for Fern. Azmordis, the ancient evil spirit, is determined to possess Fern's soul and will do anything to obtain it. With the help of her brother Will, her best friend Mobberly, and the ancient wizard Ragginbone, Fern must put her considerable powers to the ultimate test; the penalty for failure is unthinkable.

The Witch Queen is a thought-provoking, rich and exciting fantasy story. Drawing on Arthurian and Atlantean myths and legends, Jan Siegel creates a modern day England which is at once familiar and yet magical. Fern herself is a fascinating character who is finally growing into the powers that she exhibited in childhood, and her transformation is compelling to watch. This is an outstanding series, and Jan Siegel is a talent to watch.

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