The Train of States

by Peter Sis

Greenwillow Books, June, 2004.
Picture Book, 55 pages.
ISBN: 0060578386
Ages Young Adult

The Train of States by Peter Sis The train of the states is leaving on its journey. Each car of the train is a state which is shown on a colorful page with attractive drawings relevant to that particular state. Each page has details about the featured state, including the state flower, state tree, state bird, state motto and date of statehood. Kids can also learn the capitols of the states as they read along in the book. The last car in the train of states is Hawaii, which has the nene as state bird and the yellow hibiscus as its state flower. After Hawaii comes the caboose, which is Washington D.C. The Train of States is a terrific book for teaching children how the United States came into being, and illustrating the many differences in our fifty states.

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