The Seventh Tower: Into Battle

by Garth Nix

Scholastic, August, 2001.
Paperback, 201 pages.
ISBN: 0439176867

The Seventh Tower: Into Battle by Garth Nix In this fifth entry in The Seventh Tower series, things are heating up for Tal and Milla. As the free Shadows of Aenir plan their takeover of the Castle, a defense is being readied by Milla who is now the war chief of the Icecarls. Milla has formed an alliance with the rebel Underfolk, and led the Icecarl host into the lower levels of the Castle. Meanwhile, Tal has gone to Aenir with his Spiritshadow to tell the Empress about the impending attack. But what he finds in Aenir will change his entire understanding about the dark world, and help him to discover incredible new powers of his own.

Into Battle heats up the excitement and suspense that has been building in the first four books of this outstanding series. Milla, who was a bit abrasive in the earlier books, has settled down quite a bit now that she has a terrible responsibility on her shoulders, and is developing into a very interesting character. Tal is also coming into his own and the revelations about his untapped powers are very intriguing. This is a marvelous series, and we can hardly wait to see the next installment.

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