The Other Goose

by Judith Kerr

Harper Collins, July, 2002.
Picture Book, 32 pages.
ISBN: 0060085835
Ages 4-8

The Other Goose by Judith Kerr The Other Goose is a story about loneliness and the desire to find a companion very much like oneself. Children will love Katerina, the only goose in the pond in the middle of a large city. Sometimes Katerina thought she saw another goose when she looked at her reflection in the shiny car that was parked on the street beside her pond. The car belonged to the banker who worked in the bank across the street., Mr. Buswell, the banker had a little daughter who understood Katerina's problem very well. One very snowy day Katerina looked at the car for the reflection only to find that there was no reflection, because the car was covered with snow. Katerina was sad until she saw a man coming down the street with a large bag. That bag must contain a goose, thought Katerina, so she chased the man angrily. The man ran, but Katerina flew at him and tried to nip him. She chased him until they arrived in the middle of town where the mayor was conducting a ceremony in front of many people. The man dropped the bag, which was full of money. The man was a bank robber, and Katerina had caught him. The grateful citizens wanted to reward Katerina and the banker's daughter knew just what the reward should be. The shiny car stopped by Katerina's pond and out came Charlie, a goose like Katerina. Charlie and Katerina made a nest together, Katerina laid eggs in it, and when the eggs hatched, there were lots of geese on Katerina's pond.

The Other Goose is illustrated in soft pastels, with drawings that are humorous and upbeat. A child can easily follow them and understand the story. Katerina's long wait for the other goose comes to a happy ending that any child will enjoy.

--Sarah Reaves White

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