The Monster Trap

by Dean Morrissey

HarperCollins, July, 2004.
Picture Book, 40 pages.
ISBN: 0060524987
Ages 5 and up

The Monster Trap by Dean Morrissey The Monster Trap is a very clever story about young Paddy, who while visiting his Grandfather, reports hearing monsters during the night. So Grandfather builds a trap to try to catch the monster and put Paddy's fears at ease. Paddy thinks he hears monsters again that night, but the next morning he looks in the trap and there is no monster. "Maybe that means there aren't any monsters," says Paddy's Grandfather. But Paddy insists there are monsters, so Grandfather continues to build larger and more complicated traps -- to no avail. Finally he builds a very large and elaborate trap. But instead of catching the monsters it entertains them, and Grandfather and Paddy are both very surprised to see the trap teaming with happy fun-loving creatures. Soon Grandfather and Paddy are both laughing and Paddy has some new monster friends to spend the night with. Author and artist Dean Morrissey has drawn the monster not as scary monsters but as likeable mysterious creatures that children can become attached to. The Monster Trap is a charming story takes the traditional fears of monsters under the bed and turns it upside down. A valuable lesson about facing one's fears of the unknown is also gently imparted. Children will adore this monster tale.

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