Happy Birthday, Cupcake!

by Terry Border

Philomel Books, July, 2015.
Picture Book, 32 pages.
ISBN: 0399171606

Happy Birthday, Cupcake! by Terry Border

Happy Birthday, Cupcake! is a fun picture book that tells the story of a cupcake that is planning her own birthday party. She goes over her plans with her best friend Blueberry Muffin. Muffin points out problems with several of Cupcake's birthday party ideas. For example, the beach might be too hot for some of their friends and cause them to start melting. A boating party sounded fun, but poor Soup might get seasick. After Cupcake runs out of ideas it is up to Blueberry Muffin to save the day.

This book has some very funny and witty concepts and wonderful pictures that kids are sure to love. The downside is that it will be nearly impossible to read this book without wanting to eat a yummy cupcake.

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