Grave Matters

by Patricia H. Rushford

Bethany House, 2000.
Paperback, 40 pages.
ISBN: 076422123X
Ages Young Adult

Grave Matters by Patricia H. Rushford Duck in a Truck is a rollicking little tale, silly, and full of British drollery. It has a thoroughly British vocabulary and we follow a rather silly looking duck as he drives his little truck through rural English roads. The little truck reminds us all of the classic MG roadster, and this just adds to the fun for the adult reader.

Told in a style that reminds us of a famous nursery rhyme, Duck in a Truck takes the young reader through a familiar rural peril: getting stuck in the mud (or muck). Familiar animals such as a sheep and a toad lend their personalities to the story. Clearly the duck is stuck so the sheep cannot pass unless he helps the situation. Of course in trying unsuccessfully to free the truck, all of the creatures become full of mud and frustrated. Help appears in the form of a goat who comes along in his motor boat. A tow rope tied to the motor boat and the truck and pushing from behind by frog and sheep finally free the duck in the truck, and he takes off gleefully. This leaves the goat, the frog and the sheep stuck in the muck.

Amusing, large drawings in primary colors make this little tale amusing and fun. The rhyming words, much enjoyed by children, add to the delight of this thoroughly enjoyable little story.

--Sarah Reaves White

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