Bacchus & Me: Adventures in the Wine Cellar

by Jay McInerney

Vintage Books, April, 2002.
Trade paperback, 278 pages.
ISBN: 037571362X

Bacchus & Me: Adventures in the Wine Cellar by Jay McInerney Bestselling novelist Jay McInerney (Bright Lights, Big City) claims that he is not a wine expert; the many readers of his wine column in House and Garden would disagree with him. This collection of his columns is one of the most witty, irreverent and entertaining wine books ever written. Taken from the point of view of an American yuppie, the book explains the basic California and French wines (and a few Italian ones), as well as what wines go with what food, how to choose a wine, and what all those wine terms mean. The chapter headings alone make for funny reading: "Zin Went the Strings of My Heart," "Overachievers of Macon: White Burgundy on a Budget," "Schramsberg: Don't Make Me Crazy," and "Attitude? Non!," just to name a few. His writing is hip, irreverent and self-deprecating, making it a perfect read for the novice wine lover who is nervous about the world of wine, but longs to learn what all the fuss is about.

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