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Welcome to the poems section on Writers Write. Here you will find links to classic poems, poetry quotes, analysis, news and more.

Dulce Et Decorum Est
Wilfred Owen's war poem and analysis from a literary writer and a dramatist.

The Tyger
Read British poet William Blake's famous poem about the tiger.

The Kraken
Read Tennyson's famous poem about the legendary sea creature.

Creepy Poems
A collection of classic creepy poems for Halloween or whenever you need a fright.

Read Percy Bysshe Shelley's powerful poem about a ruler's lost kingdom, plus listen to a reading by Bryan Cranston.

The Statue of Liberty Poem: The New Colossus
Read Emma Lazarus's famous poem and learn about the other colossus the poem refers to.

Ocean Poems
Many poets have written poems about the ocean. It is vast and mysterious.

Google AI Writes Love Poetry
Nice try Google AI. The AI did manage to provide some crazy emotion in its poem.

Emily Dickinson Poems
Read a curated collection of poems by the famous 19th century American poet.

Percy Bysshe Shelley Poems
Read a curated collection of poems by the English romantic poet.

Rainbow Bridge Poem
Learn the meaning of the Rainbow Bridge and the origin of the poem about pet loss.

Shakespeare Poems
Read some of Shakespeare's remarkable poetry.

Solomon Grundy Poem
Learn more about this 19th century nursery rhyme that uses the days of the week to tell a man's story.

Tree Poems
Read poems nearly as lovely as a tree.

Cat Poems
A collection of poems written about cats by famous poets.

Dog Poems
A curated collection of great poems about our canine friends.

War Poems
Read famous poets describe the horrors, losses and heroics of war.

Poems about Death
Death is a major subject of poets. These are some of the most famous death poems.

Winter Poems
A collection poems about winter and wintry quotes.

Poems for Kids
Read our collection of amazing and entertaining poems for kids from renowned poets.

@ the Crossroads -- A Sudden American Poem A poem by former U.S. Poet Laureate Juan Felipe Herrera.

Poems About Time
No one really understands time but poets are very good at letting you know how time can pass very quickly or painfully slowly.

Sun Poems
See how these poets wrote about sunlight and our magnificent sun.

One Today by Richard Blanco
Richard Blanco reads his inaugural poem.

Spring Poems
Spring is the great awakening for much wildlife and plants. See how some famous poets have channeled the season.

Eyjafjallajokull Ash Cloud Poem by Carol Ann Duffy
British poet Carol Ann Duffy wrote a poem about the Eyjafjallajokull Ash Cloud of 2010.

Fall Poems
Autumn lures in poets with its changing weather and colorful leaves.

William Shakespeare
Visit our Shakespeare section to learn more about the famous playwright and poet known as the Bard.

Flower Poems
Poets write of the beauty of flowers in this collection of poems.

Spotlight On.....Snakeskin Poetry Webzine
Find out about this webzine publishing original, thought-provoking poetry. It was founded in 1995.

Moon Poems
Poems about the moon and moonlight can be magical.

Summer Poems
Summer warmth and harsh dry spells have inspired many a poet.

Rain Poems
Rain can be dreary or refreshing. It depends on the poet and the mood they are in when creating.

Poems About Birds
A collection of famous bird poems.

Love Poems
A collection of classic love poems from famous poets.

Christmas Poems
These are some famous Christmas poems to celebrate the holiday.

Stars and Space Poems
A collection of famous poems about stars and space.

Birthday Poems
A collection of poems about birthdays from famous poets.

Poems About Food
A collection of poems about food and eating from famous poets.

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