Writing.com by Moira Allen Review

Allworth Press, August 1999.
Trade Paperback, 226 pages.
ISBN: 1581150296

Writing.com by Moira Allen

Writing.com is a new reference book for writers from Moria Allen, a freelance writer and former editor of Dog Fancy magazine, who frequently covers topics relating to freelance writing and the Internet in her articles published in print magazines and online ezines.

Writing.com provides much needed advice for writers new to Internet writing with both practical advice and links to writing and research hotspots online. Some of the writing-related topics covered in the book include: finding markets, conducting research, electronic rights, netiquette, chat, online learning, website construction and book promotion. Each topic also includes links to websites, online articles and other resources providing pertinent information. A comprehensive web guide is also provided in the back of the book, which contains categorized links to hundreds of writing websites.

The resource links provided in the book are fresh and reliable, and the information provided is accurate and current.

Writing.com's thorough review of the online writing world and an excellent collection of writing resources will make this a welcome reference for any beginner looking to explore what's available for writers online.

Ordering information: Amazon.com.

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