The Wedding Guide for the Grownup Bride Review

The Wedding Guide for the Grownup Bride
by Shelley Christiansen
Berkley, May 2000.
Paperback, 209 pages.
ISBN: 0425174360.
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The Wedding Guide for the Grownup Bride
by Shelley Christiansen The unique wedding guide focuses on brides who are getting married for the first-time or remarried later in life. The author of the book, Shelley Christiansen, was married for the first-time at age 46. The book addresses circumstances that older brides encounter when getting married. Some are unique to their age and some are common to all brides. Some of the subjects covered include: engagement, family reactions, ex's reactions, motherhood, careers, prenups, wills, showers, bachelor parties and surnames. Information provided in the book that involves planning the wedding includes: the rehearsal dinner, the guest list, invitations, wedding dresses, attire, vows, flowers, photos, video, reception, wedding cake and managing gifts. For each topic addressed, Christiansen also includes a handy quick reference list of points to consider. She also addresses some issues to deal with after the wedding, including living together, privacy issues, meddling, where to live and what to do with all the stuff. This is a truly valuable guide for women getting married later in life.

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