Tiger Eye by Marjorie M. Liu Review

LoveSpell, March, 2005
Paperback, 342 pages
ISBN: 0505526263
Subgenre: Paranormal

Tiger Eye by Marjorie M. Liu

Sculptress, sword maker, psychic and world traveler Delilah Reese spends an enjoyable day at Beijing's Dirt Market hunting for treasures and an ancient sword to add to her collection. After a lengthy haggling session with an old woman to buy some fabric, the old woman insists on selling Dela a beautiful ancient riddle box for one Yuan. As soon as she takes the box, Dela is accosted by a handsome yet creepy man and she barely makes it back to her hotel. But more surprises are in store for Dela. When she opens the riddle box, a handsome warrior appears: and he's really angry from being imprisoned by an evil Magi for 2,000 years and forced to serve whoever owns the box. The warrior, named Hari, is surprised when Dela refuses to own a slave. But before they can get acquainted, the Magi appears again and Dela is attacked. With the help of her family, which is in the troubleshooting business, Dela and Hari make it home to the U.S. where they find themselves in the crossfire between the Chinese Mafia who want revenge for a death caused by one of Dela's swords.

Marjorie M. Liu has caused quite a stir with the publication of her stunning debut, Tiger Eye. Hari, the shape shifter who has been imprisoned for 2,000 years, is simply irresistible, as are the attractive members of Dela's family troubleshooting business: think handsome Navy SEAL team with paranormal abilities. Delilah herself is a fascinating character: she's one of the most likeable heroines to come along in a while. She's intelligent, courageous, funny, and she packs quite a bit of psi power when she wants to. This heady mix of mystery, magic, action and passion make for this summer's absolute must read romance. Marjorie M. Liu is an author to watch, she is clearly destined for great things.

--Claire E. White

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