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The Promise by Dee Davis

Dorchester, January, 2002
Paperback, 194 pages
ISBN: 0505524759
Subgenre: Time Travel
Ordering information:

The Promise
by Dee Davis Cara Reynolds' life was shattered on her sixteenth birthday when her parents were killed in a car accident, as they drove to a favorite restaurant for a birthday celebration. Cara herself barely survived the accident. She wouldn't have, if not for Michael Macpherson who finds her in the blizzard and promises to take care of her. But in the morning, Michael is gone. Her family and doctors convince her that he was a hallucination, but Cara cannot forget him. An artist, she captures him and the place where they met, the Promise silver mine in Colorado, in her paintings. When Michael shows up again years later, pursued by an assassin, the pair realize that they are separated in time: he lives in the past and she lives in the present. Bonded somehow by the silver mine where they met and the promises they exchanged, the pair must overcome the restrictions of time itself in order to be together and to change a terrible wrong from the past.

The Promise is a moving and sweet love story in which the power of love and a promise can change history itself. Time travel romances are tricky things, but Dee Davis is up to the challenge. The story is told in alternating points of view, which are all happening at the same time; this style works quite well. With a well-drawn cast of secondary characters and a vivid sense of place, The Promise is a gift for those who love a moving and powerful love story, with a touch of the supernatural.

Safe Harbor by Luanne Rice

Bantam, February, 2002
Hardcover, 337 pages
ISBN: 0553802186
Subgenre: Contemporary
Ordering information:

Safe Harbor
by Luanne Rice Painter Dana Underhill returns home to Connecticut after the untimely death of her sister and brother-in-law in a sailing accident. Dana returns to the town of Black Hall for a showing of her work, and to take her two nieces back to France to live with her. At the gallery showing, she runs into Yale professor Sam Trevor, whom she and her sister Lily taught to sail when Sam was just a boy. Sam has been in love with Dana all these years, but Dana only sees him as a young boy learning to sail. But Sam sticks by Dana as she determines to investigate the so-called accident which killed her sister, who was an excellent sailor and swimmer. She must also deal with her two nieces, Allie and Quinn. Quinn is a 12 year-old, cigarette-smoking nightmare who gives Dana quite a bit of trouble.

Luanne Rice excels at exploring the intricate bonds of family, and her latest work is no exception. An in-depth examination of the bonds of sisterhood of two generations, the book also provides a sweet and moving romance between Dana and the adoring Sam. Readers of Firefly Beach will also enjoy seeing some familiar faces.

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