Road Kill by Kinky Friedman Review

Simon and Schuster, Sept., 1997.
252 pp. ISBN: 068480378X
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Cover of Road Kill
by Kinky Friedman Kinky Friedman, ex-country singer for the Texas Jewboys and current New York private detective is feeling restless and a bit on edge. Of course, seeing a gypsy looking back at you in the mirror can do that to a man. Especially when the gypsy tells him to get out of town fast. When Kinky's old friend, country singer legend Willie Nelson, seems worried and invites him to go on tour with him, the Kinkster hightails it for distant parts to join up with Willie and his traveling show on the famed tourbus The Honeysuckle Rose. As they fandango across America, Kinky decides to do his best to find out what's eating his old friend. Apparently, while traveling through a lonely portion of Arizona The Honeysuckle Rose had a head-on collision with a Native American medicine man. The result is a dead medicine man and a mysterious and deadly curse which has Willie (who is part Native American himself) and his cohorts extremely nervous. When Willie's look alike is shot by mistake, Kinky springs into action, determined to find out who is set on silencing his old friend forever. The suspects are wide-ranging: from the FBI to one of Willie's 97 ex-wives and Kinky is running out of time if he wants to save his friend's life.

Kinky follows the trail of clues from Arizona to Manhattan assisted by his oddball friends, the Village Irregulars, a critical cat, a bottle or two of Jameson's and some contraband. The result is a classic Friedman adventure -- hilarious, irreverent, politically incorrect, seemingly out of control and yet somehow literate and insightful. Sound like an impossible mix? Well, that describes Kinky Friedman and his adventures perfectly. Friedman is not for everyone, certainly - you need a strong constitution and a broad sense of humor to go on this outrageous and gleeful joyride.

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