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Inside Windows NT Server 4 (2nd Ed.) by Drew Heywood

New Riders, Feb., 1998.
Trade Paperback, 1088 pages.
ISBN: 1562058606
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Inside Windows NT Server 4 (2nd Ed.)
by Drew Heywood Windows NT servers are becoming the web server of choice for many network administrators. This book, intended to be a first book on Windows NT Server for new and experienced network administrators, provides the information you need to know to install, maintain and run a Windows NT Server. Coverage in the book includes installation, network configuration, user profiles, managing domains, drives, directories, files, installing and using clients, TCP/IP, disk storage, backing up files, Remote Access Sever and other Windows NT related topics. Instruction includes diagrams, screen shots and step-by-step outlines. An appendix in the book provides a Windows NT command reference. Inside Windows NT is a comprehensive resource for anyone currently using a Windows NT server or considering installing one.

Redesigning Print for the Web by Dr. Mario R. Garcia

Hayden Books, August 1997.
Trade Paperback, 239 pages.
ISBN: 1568303432
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Cover of Redesigning Print for the Web
by Dr. Mario R. Garcia Today it is hard to find a newspaper that does not have an online counterpart or website. For many newspapers the move online has been a learning process. In Redesigning Print for the Web, Dr. Mario R. Garcia, president and senior designer of Mario Garcia New Media Design, uses his expertise to explain how to present information online to obtain the best results. Garcia's book provides instruction on how to properly convert to the new interactive media and explains how it is different than print. The book is full of screenshots, examples and case studies that highlight the instruction. Coverage in the book includes content analysis, writing and editing, design and color use. Case studies in the book describe the transformation for newspapers and news services that moved online including the San Jose Mercury News, The Star Tribune, Arizona Republic, CNN and others. With its enlightening case studies and design strategies this information design book by Garcia is an excellent guide to new media publishing for anyone in the newspaper business from journalists to web designers.

Web Programming with Perl 5 by Bill Middleton, Brian Deng & Chris Kemp

Sams, May 1997.
Trade Paperback, 364 pages.
ISBN: 1575211122
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Cover of Web Programming with Perl 5
by Bill Middleton, Brian Deng & Chris Kemp Web Programming with Perl 5 provides explanation and instruction on Perl 5, including tips, tricks and links to Perl resources. Coverage in the book includes object-oriented programming in Perl, advanced CGI applications, security issues, databases, online forms, search engines, shopping carts, MIME documents and other topics. The book also references and makes use of CPAN, the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network and includes a compendium website which is updated to address new developments and technologies. The enclosed CD-ROM includes code from the book, CPAN notes and scripts and third-party software. The book is targeted at intermediate to advanced internet programmers. Web Programming with Perl 5 is an excellent reference tool for developing CGI applications with Perl 5.

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