My Lady in Time by Angie Ray Review

Jove, Feb., 1998.
Paperback, 293 pages.
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Cover of My Lady in Time
by Angie Ray Handsome playboy Derek Sinclair thoroughly enjoys his life. With plenty of money, a cushy family job and plenty of female companionship, life is just one grand game -- until the night that the ghost of Lady Allison Pelsworth appears, begging him to travel back in time to 1498 to save her from a disastrous marriage which will destroy her family and theie ancestral castle. Three sheets to the wind, Derek agrees, believing it's a dream. It's not. The next thing he knows he is in medieval England without a stitch on and someone is threatening to kill him. What's worse, Lady Allison doesn't even seem to remember summoning him. Derek must learn to fit into this world and become a knight in order to find the secret which will take him back home. But what he doesn't count on is the rigors required of a knight in training or falling in love with the beautiful, if somewhat disdainful, Lady Allison.

My Lady in Time is a well-researched historical mystery with a highly amusing premise. Derek, the Southern California playboy who must endure the rigorous training of a medieval knight -- jousting, riding in armor, swordfighting, and courtship -- is hilarious to watch as he is forced to endure cigarette and hamburger withdrawal in a land where no one has ever heard of the modern conveniences we take for granted. The chemistry between Derek and Allison is fiery and the historical background is very well-done. Charming and amusing, My Lady in Time is perfect for those who like a little time travel with their romance.

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