March 2003 Issue

The Internet Writing Journal
ISSN No. 1095-3973
Volume 7, Issue 2.

In This Issue:

A Conversation With Sara Douglass
Internationally bestselling Australian novelist Sara Douglass is garnering legions of American fans with the release of her Aurealis Award-winning Wayfarer Redemption (Tor) epic fantasy series. Her latest release is Hades' Daughter (Tor), the first book in the new Troy Game series, an epic story which begins with the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur and evolves into a fascinating, century-spanning story of love, revenge, power and magic. In this exclusive interview, she spoke to us about her new book, and discusses her careers as a well-known historian and bestselling novelist.

A Conversation With Laura Caldwell
Laura Caldwell had already achieved success as an attorney. She was a partner in a downtown Chicago law firm and enjoyed her profession. But she always remembered a trip she took with her girlfriends right after law school. She took that experience and asked "What if that trip had changed everything in my life?" That led to the creation of her new book, Burning the Map (Red Dress Ink), a funny and insightful story about three women's trip to Europe, which is garnering excellent reviews from critics and readers alike. Laura spoke to us about her move from attorney to novelist and how she created Burning the Map.

How Long Does it Take to Write a Great Short Story?
British novelist Alex Keegan is a frequent judge of short story competitions. In his latest article, "Quick, Quick," Alex takes on a daunting challenge to write fourteen short stories in a very short time -- and get them published. Is it possible? Alex says, "Speed of writing does not necessarily mean poor quality. In fact, I contend that, oftentimes, the faster we write the better the quality."

Songwriting Elegance Through Song Form: Part IV
This month nationally syndicated radio talk show host, songwriter and CEO of CQK Music & Records Mary Dawson finishes her four-part series of articles. In her new article, "Songwriting Elegance Through Song Form: Part IV," Mary discusses the AABA Song, the third and final of the basic song structures that every songwriter must understand.

Writing a Book About Oracle: Art or Science?
After the dot com crash, Oracle database administrator (or DBA) Chris Lawson had some extra time on his hands. So, he decided he'd write a book about what he knows best: Oracle. In his timely and informative article, Chris chronicles his experiences and gives some great tips for anyone who has ever thought about writing a technical or computer book.

Book Reviews

Children's Books

City of the Beasts by Isabel Allende (HarperCollins)
Dog Days by Amanda Harvey (Doubleday)
Last Night I Dreamed of a Circus by Maya Gottfried, Paintings by Robert Rahway Zakanitch (Knopf)


Drowning World: A Novel of the Commonwealth by Alan Dean Foster (Del Ray)
Hades' Daughter by Sara Douglass (Tor)
Sisters of the Raven by Barbara Hambly (Warner Aspect)


Death Lurks in the Bush by Kate Grilley (Berkley)
The Short Forever by Stuart Woods (Signet)


Getting Loaded: Get Ready, Get Set, Get Rich by Peter Bielagus (New American Library)

Romance and Women's Fiction

The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown by Julia Quinn, Suzanne Enoch, Karen Hawkins and Mia Ryan (Avon)
Hot Pursuit by Christina Skye (Avon)
The Secret Hour by Luanne Rice (Bantam)

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