The Secret Hour

by Luanne Rice

Bantam, February, 2003.
Hardcover, 335 pages.
ISBN: 0553802240
Subgenre: Women's Fiction

The Secret Hour by Luanne Rice Attorney and single father John O'Rourke is representing accused death row inmate and confessed killer Greg Merrill, much to the fury of the local community, who opposes John's efforts to save Merrill's life. Johns life gets considerably more complicated when Kate Harris enters his life. Kate's sister is missing, and wants John to find out if Merrill is responsible. John must respect the attorney-client privilege, but he is powerfully attracted to Kate. And Kate seems to be just what John and his two children need -- a wife and mother. As Kate and John delve deeper into the mystery of Kate's sister's disappearance, it becomes clear that there is another killer at large -- and that he will stop at nothing to keep his secrets.

Luanne Rice delves deep into the themes of love, family, sisterhood and the madness of a killer in her latest exciting thriller, The Secret Hour. Ms. Rice effortlessly evokes readers' emotions, as the gripping story unfolds. From the mind of a ruthless and twisted killer to the tortured yet determined John and Kate, who hope to find healing and hope in their new love, this is Luanne Rice at her very best.

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