Getting Loaded: Get Ready, Get Set, Get Rich

by Peter Bielagus

New American Library, December, 2002.
Trade paperback, 352 pages.
ISBN: 0451205928

Getting Loaded: Get Ready, Get Set, Get Rich by Peter Bielagus Thousands of college graduates emerge from the American educational system thinking that they are ready for life as an Adult. Most of them are wrong, for there is one subject that is mostly ignored in American high schools and colleges: how to manage your money so that you achieve your financial goals. Peter Bielagus has written just the book for everyone from high school students to to youthful fifty-somethings who still haven't quite got a handle on their financial future.

Bielagus starts out by explaining the basics of money management: calculating net worth, setting goals, controlling spending, saving money and avoiding credit card disasters. After the basics, the author takes the reader through the basics of investing, buying a house and protecting one's assets. Written in a funny and witty style, the book crams more practical and helpful information into 381 pages than can be found in a shelf-full of finance textbooks. And the best part? It's actually enjoyable to read. This is an absolute must-have for everyone from college graduates to anyone who is unhappy with the state of his financial life.

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