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Spring Into Technical Writing for Engineers and Scientists by Barry J. Rosenberg

Addison Wesley, May, 2005
Trade Paperback, 253 pages
ISBN: 0131498630
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Spring Into Technical Writing for Engineers and Scientists
by Barry J. Rosenberg Technical writing is one of the most lucrative careers in writing. But there is another group of professionals who must also learn technical writing. For scientists and engineers it is a crucial skill to have in order to advance in their profession. Proposals, lab reports and manuals all have very specific requirements. Spring Into Technical Writing is a how-to guide which offers technical writing advice for engineers and scientists. The first section of the book helps technical writers learn how to determine who the audience is and come up with a documentation plan. The second section contains advice about how to write concisely and effectively. Good advice is given about how and when to use passive and active voice. This section also offers great advice about using typographical tools like bulleted lists, numbered lists and tables and adding graphical elements like screenshots, block diagrams and photographs. The third section of the book contains examples and tips for working with specific kinds of documents like manuals, web sites, proposals, lab reports and power point presentations. Spring Into Technical Writing is organized so that each subject is covered in 175 different tutorials -- this makes it easy for the reader to jump straight into a specific topic like using numbered lists or learning how to create a tutorial. Author Barry J. Rosenberg clearly practices what he preaches because the layout of the book is very user-friendly and the content is clear, concise and easy-to-follow. This is must-read for engineers and scientists. But it is also highly recommended for technical writers, as well.

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