How to Write and Sell Your Articles Review

How to Write and Sell Your Articles
Edited by Sylvia K. Burack
The Writer, Inc., 1997.
99 pages. ISBN: 0871161826

Cover of How to Write and Sell Your Articles Edited by Sylvia K. Burack

How to Write and Sell Your Articles is a handy compendium of excellent, practical advice for the freelance writer. The fifteen chapters are all written by experts in their fields, such as Pulitzer prizewinner Donald M. Murray and leading self-help writer Samm Sinclair Baker. The book includes freelance topics such as science, true crime, writing feature articles, query letters, travel articles, query letters, how-tos, writing profiles and many more. For example, the article titled "How To Write a Winning Query Letter" by LindaAnn Loschiavo explains how to hook the editor and concentrate on your strong points in your query, through examples, instruction and a helpful list of guidelines.

The other articles, all selected by Sylvia K. Burack, editor of the The Writer magazine, offer advice in the same complete, yet concise, manner. An excellent guidebook for the freelance article writer.

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