Hit Man by Lawrence Block Review

Twilight, Feb., 1999.
Paperback, 340 pages.
ISBN: 038072541X.

Hit Man by Lawrence Block

Professional assassin J.P. Keller is really just your average urban lonely guy. He travels a lot for business, dreams of owning his own home, and eventually acquires a dog and a girlfriend. His job is really high-stress, so he really needs someone to talk to. Unfortunately, even hiring a shrink doesn't work out quite like he planned. He has ethics -- when two clients hire him to kill each other, he truly agonizes over the decision over who to kill. And every once in awhile, he begins to wonder about the ethics of his profession as a whole. As we follow Keller in his life through these revised and updated 10 short stories, it's truly amazing how fond we become of Keller.

Written in the inimitable Lawrence Block's wry and witty prose, these stories build on one another, until by the end of the book you feel you really know and like Keller -- although you might not want to be alone with him. Filled with a subtle and sly humor, Hit Man is an extraordinary book with an unforgettable protagonist.

--Claire E. White

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