Desperation by Stephen King Review

Signet, 1997.
560 pp. ISBN: 0451188462
Mass market paperback.
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Cover of Desperation by Stephen King

Near a nowhere town in Nevada unlucky passerbys are harassed and arrested by a strange twisted deputy named Collie Entragian. This is just the beginning of enormous bad luck for the unfortunate travelers, as they quickly find themselves living a nightmare in a town that has gone straight to hell. They will need all the courage they can muster, belief in God and more to survive the town infested with a demon-god known as "Tak" and the possessed police officer.

Stephen King has once again written a horror masterpiece, this time making all your suspicions about small towns come true. The characters are startlingly real as are the descriptions of the horrible things that happen to them. The young boy, David Carter, and the novelist on a motorcycle adventure illustrate the sharp contrast between a devout believer and an atheist. The excitement and the frightening presence of evil will keep horror fans enthralled. And if you like stories about bad cops you will never be happier then with the character of Collie Entragian, who is the officer you never, ever want to meet.

Desperation has all the elements of a fascinating horror tale; the vivid scenery, believable characters, pure evil and the presence of hope combine to create a thrilling and horrifying read.

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